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Computer Science & Design Thinking Student Learning Standards (NJ)

New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Computer Science and Design Thinking. 2020 Draft; to be implemented by September 2022.

New approaches necessary for solving the critical challenges that we face as a society will require harnessing the power of technology and computing. Rapidly changing technologies and the proliferation of digital information have permeated and radically transformed learning, working, and everyday life. To be well-educated, global-minded individuals in a computing-intensive world, students must have a clear understanding of the concepts and practices of computer science. As education systems adapt to a vision of students who are not just computer users but also computationally literate creators who are proficient in the concepts and practices of computer science and design thinking, engaging students in computational thinking and human-centered approaches to design through the study of computer science and technology serves to prepare students to ethically produce and critically consume technology.

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