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New Events from the Rutgers CSE Hub!

We're excited to announce that we have a couple of events in the next couple of weeks that are open to anyone interested in attending!

This Friday, May 28th at 4:00pm, we will be holding a general information session about the Hub and its activities and goals. This session is perfect for any educator in New Jersey interested in getting involved with the Hub, but is not from a partnered district. We also welcome teachers and administrators from partnered districts to learn more about their interactions with the Hub over this project period. We will have a brief presentation prepared and there will be plenty of time to take any questions! (Register here.)

On Wednesday June 2nd at 3:00pm, we will be joined by Dr. Fran Trees from the Rutgers University Computer Science Department for a discussion on what computer science looks like at the elementary level. We will tackle common misconceptions about what CS is, what it isn't, and explore different ideas on what it can look like for young learners. Submit your questions for Dr. Trees on the registration form! (Register here.)

Both sessions will be recorded for later viewing in our video gallery.

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