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Our online community of practice (CoP) includes weekly office hours for elementary, middle, and high schools, ongoing discussion, spaces for spontaneous collaboration, and shared resources. The community is held in a Discord server and open to educators in the state. Upon joining, you will be asked to verify your teaching status prior to being able to access the full community.

Discord Server

The online CoP takes place in a public Discord community server. You are welcome to join the server right from your browser, or download an app on your desktop or mobile device. We value your privacy, so please ensure that you customize your notification settings to suit your needs. By default, no one in the server can directly message you without first sending a friend request, and you will not receive notifications for every message in a public channel.

If you have questions about Discord or the community, you can email us directly, or send a message in the support channel in the server.

Note: The CoP is currently in a Pilot test stage - please bear with us as we put the finishing touches on our server at get things off the ground. You are more than welcome to join, participate, and share the server link with anyone you wish during this phase.

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