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Transforming Computer Science Education

The Rutgers Computer Science Education (RU-CSE) Hub is a joint venture between the Center for Effective School Practices, a unit of the Graduate School of Education, and the Department of Computer Science within the School of Arts and Sciences.

The RU-CSE Hub will provide sustained, high-quality professional learning opportunities for school leaders and computer science teachers to school districts across the state.

The goal of such professional learning is to improve student learning, achievement, and engagement in computer science education, with an intentional focus on reaching students from populations that are typically underrepresented in the field. 

This 17-month project will run between April 2021 and August 2022.

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Dr. Cynthia Blitz, Ph.D.
Project Director

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Dr. Cynthia Blitz, who is both the Executive Director of Rutgers CESP and a faculty member at the Graduate School of Education, will be responsible for the overall management of the entire project, including general oversight of project operations, from daily activities and overall grant administration to ensuring the hub’s alignment with its mission and long-range goals. Dr. Blitz will also be responsible for guiding the project team to launch the hub, build partnerships, and lead the assessment and continuous improvement process.

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Dr. Fran Trees, DPS

Co-Project Director

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Dr. Frances Trees, a faculty member at Rutgers CS and the Director of Undergraduate Introductory Instruction, will lead the teacher professional learning opportunities planning, oversight, and assessment, including the work with pre-service teacher preparation programs. She will also provide her expertise regarding CS curriculum, and, specifically, as a College Board consultant, will provide direct support for the AP CSP and AP A programming. She will ensure our work is in-line with current and future state standards.


Vivian Allen

Project & Financial Manager

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Vivian Allen, who is the Associate Director of Research and Evaluation at Rutgers CESP, will facilitate work involving the schools and the day-to-day project administration and logistics, including budget management, monitoring, and reporting; development and management of project timelines and deliverables; and providing field implementation support to the professional learning staff.


David Amiel

Professional Learning Facilitator

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David Amiel, who serves as a Teaching and Research Associate at Rutgers CESP, will have a role in the development of professional learning opportunities and ensuring the synergy between these opportunities He will work directly in schools, in classrooms, in afterschool programs, as needed, and will seek out additional opportunities to fulfill CSE needs as might be found in other colleges/universities in NJ or elsewhere.

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